Thursday, February 7, 2013

new edit just dropped

My hand is still a little messed up from having 6 fractures and 4 pins but I decided to try and make an edit anyway. This was filmed with my GoPro over two days. I really dig the song.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

B1 full sleeve in full effect

A good friend of mine from Bridgeport recommended that I start my full sleeve project at Get Ink Tattoo in Norwalk. There I meet Manny Valerio. This young and talented artist took the time to listen to my ideas and produced some kick-ass art for me. While at the shop during my first 6 hour session a crane hit my car. Kinda funny that the cop was taking my info while I was actually getting drilled. Here are some pictures of the progress. I will post more next month after I go back for color.

                                                    Manny is also into BMX

                                                    all lined out

                                                    Base 1 tats available at Get Ink


                                                    King of lightning and vinyl

                                          2014 GT EX frame

                                          Did someone get the licence plate of that crane?

                                          Poor old rex :(

Base 1 BMX love

these cats are rad...

                                                                    Brandon's bike

                                                                    Jason's bike

check out their video...

ski bunny