Monday, April 29, 2013

Get Ink part 4

My fourth visit to Get Ink and Manny was rockin' a Base 1 shirt!

Manny delivers

Manny's sleeve took 40 hours! I'm only about 16 hours in now.

Today's color palette. (I had to look up the word palette, there is like 3 ways to spell it :)

Got to know this baby for about three hours.

And the result, check out those wood grains Geppetto.

This red star was so faded that I was able to make it orange!

Base 1 in Puerto Rico

Nothing to report just relaxing, oh and a little tennis!

King of New York Demo

Here are a few photos from the King of NY Demo last summer. Just getting around to posting them now. Damn I'm lazy...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tattoos and bikes... take 3

Spent 2 more hours under the gun of Manny at Get Ink Tattoo to get my 2014 GT Ex frame colorized. Also had one of my stars spiffed up a bit. Next time I will get that Tiki finished up. Enjoy the pain!

I know I know technically that's a Channel frame on the computer screen. He was using it for color and shading. Below is the actual frame photo that the tat is modeled after.
So this is Ex proto number one. It has a wishbone chain stay which the production model will not have. It will also get the sick GT logo embossed on the seat tube, which this one does not have. 

If you are into old school 7" vinyl then you know what that 45 insert is on my forearm.

Yes that's a Solid bikes OG 43T sprocket on my shoulder and nice new nautical star.

Snap into a Base 1

Who doesn't want to get their picture taken with The Macho Man at the Wrestle Mania spectacle!!!
 And with a Base 1 shirt and hat no less!

Latest video just flew in

All filmed by an unmanned military black ops helicopter... well at least part of that is true, it was remote controlled by Marty!

The little gem known as Edgewoods

A skatepark tour of CT would not be proper without a visit to Edgewoods, unless you have a fear of open spaces. No crowds and plenty of random objects placed at odd angles to get your shred on... if your creative enough.

While I was there I met this local cat named German. His set up was clean and his frame was blue so right there you know he is stand up dude. The chrome bars really completed his ride. His friend had a sweet red machine that was nicely done as well. It was obvious these guys were into BMX.

On the way home we stopped here so Jimmy could get a workout in. Then while driving over the Sikorsky bridge my bike rack decided it had enough of Jimmy's bike and spit it on to the highway. His beautiful bike narrowly missed a ton of cars who could not be bothered to slow down. After several summer salts and about 50 yards later it lay in the gutter with very little damage. Well okay his bars were cracked but I think they were cracked before the flips. Jimmy is an animal on his bike!

F Green been caught sleeping

If you know where this park is then you know it is heavily guarded. And if you have had the pleasure of meeting the guard then you know his name is Officer F. Green. Now F. Green takes his job very seriously including no laughing while he is in the squad car checking your credentials. LOL

Here is to a moment stolen on F. Green's watch... nice work Bones!