Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Elizabeth High School bike event

The Elizabeth High School bike event was a success. Cannondale, GT, and Base 1 gave away a ton of stuff and we played with bikes all day!!! The kids pimped their helmets and made smoothies and we even played bike foot down for prizes. Thanks to all who participated.
Here is a video link to what went down:

the flyer for the event and there is the table full of prizes

the volunteers who helped organize the event and the Base 1 limited edition Brain and Pain posters given away
Setting up the field for the games of foot down and some BMXing around

the kids bikes

 the kids helmets

a Base 1 pimped helmet with the new B1 Sports sticker


... and the grand prize winner of the Cannondale Trail mountain bike

Going old school

Here are some pictures I found from my skating days... way back!

Here are some of the boards I used to ride and I still have today.

Surf-rodz kicks ass

So Surf-rodz is surprisingly close to my house and over the winter I was lucky enough to get a tour. They make skate board trucks and put together dope boards. Thanks to the owner Wayne for taking time to explain how trucks are made and the finer points of street luge!

old and new designs on display

 stock of trucks yet to be assembled

 tons of wheels

^ trucks before and after assembly ->

assembled boards waiting to be shipped

Wayne making a custom set of trucks for me

8 wheeled fun

And we putting it on wax!

Here are some photos from my latest addition to the sleeve...

Feel the beat mmm drop!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

B1 sport sticker is here!

Check behind the curtain of the BmcG laboratory to see how the wizard works. Here is the new sticker in design phase B.1

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